Drupal wordmark

Ought-o.  This can’t be good.  
Drupal logotype with splash
Drupal is getting a wordmark, and it looks very web 2.0.  It’s still going through it’s finial stages of development, but, I have some quick concerns about it.

  1. “This will not be a design by committee process – the Designer will have the final word”, that’s worrisome.
  2. Drupal is many things, but, it still doesn’t have the power to change the laws of physics (that’s coming in Drupal 8 ;) ).  The “droplets” shouldn’t be coming out of the u for no reason.  I mean, no one wants a logo that looks like it’s sweating.
  3. Why is the d a different color?  Please tell me you don’t plan on using that seporate from the rest of the word mark?
  4. the space between the d and l feels awkward, as does the shape of the letter p and a, it looks like they are they, watching you :)
  5. Learn from others mistakes.
I can’t wait to see the next draft!
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