Gets your thoughts for the redesign in!

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There are lots of ways to be involved:

  1. Working on an Experience Strategy for
  2. Creating a framework to understand the audience
  3. Having a Mass Wireframing Frenzy (Come wireframe with me!) 
  4. Doing a big online card sort to help solve the information architecture challenge! 
  5. Wondering if D.O should be one site or several? 
I, of course, have some thoughts on all this :)
First of all, I don’t agree with the conclusions in #1.  I don’t think, at least right now, has being a social site as it’s #1 goal.  Not to mention that groups was supposed to take over the social aspect.  Now groups vs. forums is a big mess and a nasty headache.  I personally don’t like groups, but if they want to use it, go the whole way!

Wireframe for a new intergrated bugtracker

Wireframe for a new intergrated bugtracker

#5 hits on this a bit.  I would personally love to see the whole experience be seamless.  I really don’t like have bits of the community here and there, and I’d love to see it all be 1 site.
#3, well, I have my own wireframes to contribute! :)  I see this redesign as a great chance to get some of my developer wish-lists into  See one of them at right.
In my opinion, now the best time to make more developer friendly, not just end-user friendly!
Don’t forget to let your voice be heard.
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