Not making left turns saves money?

OK, I’m intrigued. I just read this, UPS: Driving cost savings by eliminating left-hand turns:
The package flow optimization includes constant wireless communications via the DIADs, smart labels (including RFID in the future) and preloading vehicles and directing drivers according to advanced analytics that calculate the most efficient routes, including avoiding left-hand turns, based on the package load.

Now the question is, can removing left turns really save that much money for the average Joe? Probably not. This supposedly works for UPS in cities because, when making a left hand turn, you need to cross opposing traffic. I personally don’t see how this would work because, at least in Canada, a left turn signal is given, then the full green on traffic lights.

Have I missed something here? I’d be interested in someone more knowledgeable then myself having a peek at this.

2 thoughts on “Not making left turns saves money?

  1. > Right on red?

    Hmm, good point. Although, if they use diesel machines, the engine will idle with the car.
    But this would explain the idea behind left turns.

    Thanks Neil!

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