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Hi all!

For some time I’ve been wanting to write a short series on setting up a Church lighting system. Having recently been a part of organizing and setting up a lighting system in my home Church, I thought now would be an ideal opportunity to share some tips and ideas from our experiences.

I’ll be writing this from the perspective of an existing Sanctuary that will be retrofitted, although most of this will probably apply to a building that is in the process of being constructed.

Retrofitting lighting is not cheap, and you’ll want to do a lot of initial planning and design work before you order the equipment you need, or head out to the local hardware store. Needless to say, the kind of lighting you’ll need will depend very much on what you are planning to do. In our case, we had many complaints from the congregation that out existing lighting was distracting, and even causing migraines. We also wanted to enhance out lighting for video production, and for special events to be held at the Church.

Lighting Equipment Boxes

Overall, you’ll need to decide firstly what you want the lights to accomplish, before you do any ordering, or even start planning design.

Will the lighting system need to handle special events? Does existing lighting need to be removed or retrofitted? Do you have room for beams for larger lighting systems? Space for control boards? Volunteers to help run the system? Remote control lights?

You’ll want to answer all of those, and probably some of the other questions you’re already beginning to ask yourself 🙂 Ideally, you should write these down for future reference.

In the next post, I’ll discuss some of the more technical details relating to setting up a Church lighting system.

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