Add Another: A New Drupal Module That Just Makes Sense


Add Another in action
"Add Another" in action

In my wishlist last month, one of the items I had on my list that didn’t already have a solution, was the ability to have a message when a user created a node that would present them with a quick way to add another node of the same type.

Today, I’m happy to say I’ve created a new contrib module that generates this useful feature.  “Add Another” provides a this in a light and simple module package for Drupal 6.  It’s possible to choose what node types, and what user roles have the feature.  This module only took about 30min to create.  Enjoy!

Download for Drupal 6.x

Update: Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!  For those who want a button when saving a form “Save and Make Another”, there is Submit Again for Drupal 6.  I like my concept a bit better; namely because a user can decide to make another node after their first node is made and displaying.

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