Under Postal Quarantine [UPDATED, operational again]

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Viaddress logo (TM Viaddress)It’s been a long while since publishing the last posts I made about the discount package forwarding service Viaddress.  At the time I became involved after getting caught in a massive backlog and found myself joined there with many other customers, and looking for answers which were scarce and hard to separate from the hype and fiction of other forwarding services that seemed equally interested in pitching their own product (I filtered dozens of obviously fake comments from the original two posts).

Eventually tho, the backlog was handled, the comments and emails from concerned customers stopped coming — and Viaddress refunded my shipping fees from the test I ran way back when this whole thing started. They also asked me to take down my earlier posts, but, I made a counter-offer: Lots of folks still come to this site searching for Viaddress and I thought the fairest thing I could do for those curious about the company would be to give Viaddress a chance to tell their story and conduct an email interview.  They agreed and below is the full interview with David Wallace, Vice-President of Viaddress.

#1: So I guess some background is in order; could you take a moment to introduce yourself, Viaddress and what Viaddress does?

As you may already know, my name is David Wallace and I joined the Viaddress company as Vice President back in March 2011 to help improve the business operations and customer relationships.

Viaddress is a package forwarding company that was established to help people from countries outside the United States to shop at any American store they want. Viaddress makes shopping from the US retailers possible for people in over 230 Countries and Territories by forwarding packages to them at the lowest shipping rates in the market.

Viaddress prides itself by offering the lowest shipping fees to forward packages from the United States, and by being the only package forwarding company that offers a free US address to its customers with no setup fees, no monthly fees, no concierge fees and no storage fees.

#2: About a year ago, Viaddress seemed to go totally off-grid; later you had said there was a massive backlog after a warehouse closure.  What started off that chain of effects and how did it get that bad?

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]The move was complicated […] and it had to be done during the holiday rush, because the old warehouse had no space to spare for incoming boxes.[/quote]

Back in 2010, Viaddress was planning to move to a larger warehouse after the Christmas holidays to accommodate the increasing number of shoppers, however the volume of arriving boxes exceeded everyone’s expectations following the thanksgiving holiday seasons and we had no choice but to make an immediate move in the middle of the holiday shopping season, which was not an easy task.

The move was complicated because it involved moving the delivery addresses of tens of thousands of customers from the old warehouse to our current warehouse, and it had to be done during the holiday rush, because the old warehouse had no space to spare for incoming boxes.

We did our best to keep our customers informed about their new address with Viaddress, and we made the new address available on everyone’s account area on, however, some customers were still shipping their purchases to their address at our old warehouse because they had it saved on the retailers websites, long after we provided them with the new address, which caused a few delays in rerouting and forwarding their orders.

#3: Why did it take so long to finally come forward with what had happened?

I apologize on behalf of the whole Viaddress team if some people feel that they were not informed about the reason of the delays during the 2010 holidays shopping season. I also would like to add that previous Viaddress staff did their best to mention the necessary move to the new warehouse a few times in our newsletters that were sent out to all our registered customers by giving notices, reminders and a deadline, we also mentioned that it may cause a few delays in processing orders for our existing customers.

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we frequently upgraded the shipping method for free, for orders that were affected by the holiday rush delays, and we even issued full refunds for the shipping fees on multiple occasions, even though the shipping fees are our only source of income; we basically forwarded their packages for free.

Fortunately, the new customers who registered after we moved to our new warehouse were not affected by those delays, because the new location was fully staffed and fully operational before we moved to it.

#4: Do you feel confident that what happened last year won’t/can’t happen again?

Absolutely, we have learned our lesson from the past holiday shopping season and we’re confident that we are fully prepared to handle the spike in order volume during this upcoming 2011 holiday shopping season.

We have made a few upgrades to our workflow and installed state of the art technologies at our warehouse to handle packages more efficiently.

We also made significant upgrades to our I.T. department and to our online administration systems so we can process orders in a timely manner. We have even ran a few simulations and passed them successfully.

#5: What kind of resources exist now for customers to get in touch with you that didn’t exist a year ago?

Current customers may have noticed that we replaced our communication system trough traditional email by the award winning Help Desk system from Zendesk, which proved to be quite efficient and made a huge positive difference in our customer service.

Our response time to customer tickets has improved considerably since last year. Over 98% of our customer inquiries through our help desk are answered within 4 to 24 hours.

You can see from the attached (below) Customers Tickets Evolution Report how our customer service department was able to bring down the number of unsolved tickets dramatically over the past few months which is impressive given the fact that the volume of arriving boxes never ceased to grow since the beginning of 2011.

Chat of Viaddress Open Support Tickets Over Time


We have added more Frequently Asked Questions to our site and we encourage people to check them before sending us a question because they can find the answer to their questions there most of the time.

#6: Anything else you’d like to add (additional questions you’d like to answer?)

We have hired more team members in our Shipping department and Customer Service department to accommodate the growth of our company.

We have lowered our already discounted shipping rates and we consistently make sure that our shipping rates are lower than any competitor out there.

Shoppers from outside the United States can feel confident that by using Viaddress to forward packages from US retailers, they are getting the lowest shipping fees and highest quality of customer service.

Viaddress is sincerely committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our customers and to developing and improving on all aspects of our services.


[box type=”alert” size=”large”]What follows is the original article as written in November, 2010 and contains information that is out-of-date and kept for historical reasons only. My new post “The Viaddress Interview” is available, go to that post for the lastest information and to comment.[/box]


United States Postal Inspection Service
Image via Wikipedia

The popular mail drop provider — who had in the past been under some scrutiny by its clients for changing higher shipping rates than would be normal for shipments around the world (1) — has been quarantined by the USPS due to not following postal regulations.

All packages sent to VIAddress are currently being held by USPS (a local postal worker informed be that thousands of packages are currently involved) for 10 days as they await for VIAddress to comply with postal regulations. If ViAddress fails to comply all packages currently held there will be returned to their original senders.

If you have packages currently destined to ViAddress, or being held by USPS, your best course of action is to wait for them to be returned to their sender and arrange for alternate shipping.  If this isn’t an option, you may also try contacting the Postal Inspector’s office directly at 1-877-876-2455 (a free call in the US or using Skype).  Some other shipping companies may allow the package to be changed to another address en-route if you call and request this service from the package’s original sender.

Users of VIAddress may also look to services like for alternatives for their package forwarding needs.

UPDATE: After talking to the US Postal Inspectors, they’ve confirmed it will not be possible for any packages to be re-routed.  All packages will be sent back to their originating shipper per the return address label and will need to be re-shipped from there.  There is still a chance VIAddress will submit to the USPS postal regulations, although calls to VIAdress go to a full voicemail box, and all other correspondence has not been returned.

Update #2: See my latest post about Viaddress.  I’ll be closing all comments on this post shortly, so please move any related discussion to the new blog entry.

48 thoughts on “ Under Postal Quarantine [UPDATED, operational again]

  1. After trying diffrent forwarding services I decided to stay with Shipito. Never had single problem with them. Low rates and sales tax free shipping from Oregon. Happy to recommend!

  2. Hi,

    I have 5 items with viadress and they haven’t been sent!!! I have been waiting over a week and they are not answering the phone nor replying to emails does anyone have any more info as I really need my items!!!!

  3. Me too. Pending since october. Requested me to close my dispute over the payment made using their concierge service, then they will ship it. Now i hv doubt on their capabilities. Do use (its JV between comgateway and pay pal), been using it since September and their service superb!

  4. I called Fed-Ex & returned my package to the sender & i will be shipping it to Shipito.I will suggest calling the Postal Inspector’s office as suggested in the above article even though your package already reached in your VIAddress suite & holding by these scammers.

    Please request the concerned person to help you get your packages back to the sender ( contact sender also ) if possible & see if they helps or not.They are already aware of VIAddress’s scams.So, there is a chance that they will force VIAddress to ship the products to you or to the senders.

    If you need a far better & legit alternative , give Shipito a go for the next time.I am sure you will not regretted.I personally am using their service & they are awesome.

    If you need to know anything before joining Shipito , you can contact me on YM ” sushrukh ” .

    Best of luck getting your packages out of those scammers.

  5. I called Viaddress yesterday (during their biz hours) and they confirmed that they have no problems receiving packages from Fedex, UPS and DHL. Only packages sent to viaddress via USPS will require the customer to fill a USPS Form 1583.

    USPS has no authority to hold packages sent from Vendors to Viaddress via Fedex, UPS and DHL or any other carrier… so you can’t really say that USPS is holding ALL packages… USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL are all separate shipping companies.

    Viaddress clearly states in their Terms & conditions that they cannot receive shipments by USPS from the Vendor to a customer for which Viaddress has not received a properly executed USPS Form 1583 and two forms of identification: Form 1583

    From FAQs:
    Do I need to submit USPS Form 1583 ?
    We only need this form to receive packages shipped from vendors via USPS. Again, we do NOT need this form to receive packages from vendors who ship via FEDEX, UPS, DHL or any other carrier. Most of the time, you can select the shipping carrier at the checkout process from the Vendor’s website. Select any other carrier than USPS, and you will not need to provide us with this form

    Due to USPS regulations, all new customers must complete USPS Form 1583 in order to receive shipments from USPS. Viaddress may not accept mail from USPS until we receive Form 1583, authorizing Viaddress to accept mail on your behalf. This is a one time requirement by the USA government and we can’t waive it.
    Once you complete the USPS Form 1583, please e-mail it as an attachment to [email protected], or mail it to:
    VIADDRESS Distribution
    530 East Lexington Ave
    Suite 135
    United States

    For clarification, these are the steps you need to complete on the USPS Form 1583 (Download PDF) before using USPS to ship from Vendors to your suite at Viaddress:
    For Everyone
    Box 1: Enter date
    Box 2: Name in Which Applicant’s Mail Will Be Received for Delivery to Agent. (Most of the cases your name or company name.)

    Box 3: Enter your US address provided by Viaddress:
    530 East Lexington Ave
    Suite 135, Unit XXXXXXX
    United States

    Box 4: Enter the mailing address of Viaddress:
    VIADDRESS Distribution
    530 East Lexington Ave
    Suite 135
    United States

    Box 5: Enter ‘Yes’ and sign inside the box if you want the agent “Viaddress” to accept registered mail for you
    Box 6: Enter your name
    Box 7: Enter your address and phone number (in your Country)
    Box 8: Enter the number of your 2 types of identification. Make copies of those identifications to send with your form. Please be sure to include expiration date of the IDs.
    For Businesses
    Box 9: Enter your company name
    Box 10: Enter your company’s address and phone number
    Box 11: Enter the type of business
    Box 12: For the business, enter the names of the people who will receive mail
    Box 13: Enter the names and addresses of the company officers
    Box 14: Enter the registered business name and address, plus the country, state and date of registration
    For Everyone
    Box 15: Get the form signed by an agent or notary public. If a Notary is not available, an attorney, bank or government official may sign and seal.
    Box 16: Your signature

    I hope this helps.


  6. Hey Gerard,

    The postal employee I spoke to was very clear when she said that /ALL/ packages from USPS to that address were being held, with thousands being sent back. These may have been the directions from before, but viadress would appear to still be under what the USPS referred to as a quarantine.
    I’ve also left messages with Viaddress both via phone and email with no return comment.


  7. Dear Gerard
    Or whoever you are… Are you part of Viaddress?
    Why do I say this?

    1- You say your name is GERARD and at the end your signature states THANKS, STEVE… so it is simply a cut-copy of something you are pasting around the web.

    2- Viaddress phone number is not working. I have confirm from MANY users that the only thing you get is an answering machine. I try everyday in …as you say.. “biz hours”… and never ever get though. Damn you must have been VERY VERY VERY lucky to get answered….

    3- You are pasting a piece of page of viaddress site, declaring that “Viaddress CLEARLY STATES in their Terms & conditions”…. uhmmm…. may I say that this page was only uploaded come days ago? Bet you didn’t know people would notice huh?….

    4- I have talked with the Inspection Office directly. Viaddress packets from USPS are been held. ALL OF THEM.

    Beware people. By signing the 1583 FORM you are granting them the possibility to LEGALLY KEEP YOUR PACKET !!!!

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

  8. Admin’s note, this message was posted from the same IP addresses as Gerard/Steve before, and would appear to be someone working for VIAddress. The comment by John above is totally correct and legitimate, and I simply allow this comment to be posted to show the overall pettiness and stupidity of this person, and probably of VIAddress as a whole. /Robin

    Lol…. John, CEO of Shipito takes another cheap shot at batching their competitor Viaddress…
    Te web is full of their history of their failed attempts to dirty Viaddress name…

    No wonder a few comments above are recommending Shipito over Viaddress… 🙂

    I would ship with Viaddress 1000 times before I pay membership or ridiculous hidden fees with Shipito or Myus.

  9. Dear Pierre,
    First, I didn’t even know about shipito. Second, I have lost a lot of money with this stupid Viaddress company and I’m waiting for USPS to send my packets… if they are still there… back to the sender (the online website where i bought my stuff).
    So please, before making any ridicolous judgments, think.

  10. My mail has been taken care of by since 2007. You get a choice of 4 carriers and their shipping rates are more than half off of DHL, UPS and FEDEX. There fee is a simple $9.99 a month and everything is always smooth with them. I feel confident everytime I call in to speak with a representative and have learned over the years that they are trustworthy and have come thru for me in everyway.

  11. I have 3 orders stucked with viaddress.

    Someone could give me a help to solve my problem? More than one week sending msg and no reply.

    I dont know how to procced.


  12. People endoring viaddress ,

    Can you please suggest a way to talk to these guys. They have an expensive packed for me and there is no response to my hundreds of emails and calls.

    I am just waiting till 05 December to give them a chance and then I will file a police complaint.

    1. @gajraaj – If you have tracking numbers and the package has not yet arrived; call the shipping company and get them returned. If they have been delivered, there may not be much course of action left. Try filing a Better Business Bureau complaint as well.


  13. Hi all, I have the same problem.
    I live in Italy and I am waiting for a parcel they have received.
    Moreover, on my accout, there is written “shipped”.
    But I haven’t received anything.
    I am sending them an automated email every 30 mins…. no answer 🙁
    I do not really know what to do…
    How can I contact police or someone else to try to have my parcel?

    Thanks in advance


  14. Here are some news. I wrote do Elkhart Police Department.
    Here is the answer:
    “Viaddress was recently moved out of the building they had their business in and they did not have a new warehouse to re-set up their business. They are currently looking for a new building and all packages are in storage until they find a new place. Unfortunately I would not plan on getting your packages before Christmas. If they have been delivered to Viaddress they will be mailed out to you eventually, however, I cannot tell you when that will be. Once they get into their new building Vaiddress will provide me with account numbers and tracking numbers to give to the customers as they send the packages out. I am very sorry for the bad news and I will let you know as soon as they get into a new building.

    Thank you, ”

    This email comes from a detective of Indiana State.
    I do hope they can help us all 🙂

  15. Some news from here too.. they reply me after thousand mails :O


    Sorry for the delay in this matter, we had a four day weekend and are doing some maintaince repairs to our website. Your request has been sent to the shipping manager, stand by for a quote and invoice for shipping your items in your suite.

    Alexandra Marks
    Customer Service Account Manager

    On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 12:29 PM, wrote:
    Email Address:[email protected]
    First Name:Helio
    Last Name:Guerra
    Subject:Customer Service (Items in my Suite)
    Message:please, repack e mix all my item and tell me how much to ship using USPS!

  16. Hello,

    Sorry for the delay in this matter, we have received hundreds of USPS packages and we are doing our best to update them in accounts as soon as we can. We had a four day weekend last week and are doing some repairs to our website. We will get your packages updated in your account as soon as possible, thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

  17. Hi everybody,
    Yesterday I realized that they changed their address on webpage…
    Even my personal addrress changed from “530 East Lexington Avenue“ to “55335-1 Corwin Street“`. Unit is the same.
    I`ve already ordered some stuff and 3 packages gonna be shipped to old address..
    I`ve sent some emails to viaddress but no response..
    Anybody know if they gonna receive those packages

    Thanks in advance


  18. Thanks, and please keep updating us. It makes me so angry to be scammed like this. I am considering making a trip to the US to sort this out directly.

  19. Yeah, i hope they solve this situation soon. I have a package sitting there for one week and still no updates on my account. They were supposed to be xtmas gifts but now im sure im not gonna get them in time, if i ever get them. This was the first time i used Viaddress service, so my reviews are the worst possible. I wont use it again!

  20. All the people who are praising/supporting VIAddress here are either VIAddress themselves or their paid people.Everybody now knows that VIAddress paid $10 to many people to write positive reviews about them.So, that people don’t know that they are a total scam.NO COMPANY GIVES EVERYTHING FOR FREE.That’s fishy at the first place.

    Beaware guys.try to get your product out of these scammers 7 join a better alternative.There are hundreds of other legit companies.Don’t trust your business on VIAddress.

    I am talking from my own experience.I had to call Fed-Ex to get my package back to the sender.I still have the Tracking number where you can see that delivery exception.

    Best of luck.

  21. Reading these reviews may now explain as to why even when you call viaddress during business hours there is no one answering. Despite negative reviews I decided to give viaddress a try to forward my packages. Unfortunately, the company has rejected my FEDEX and UPS packages and despite several attempts to call them there is no one to answer my calls even during business hours. I genuinely believed that viaddress was a legitimate company especially after reading its explanations to consumer complaints but never realized that these were being stage managed till I started the reviews here. Nevertheless, will wait for another two days for viaddress to respond to my query and if there is no response, will have no choice but to file a complaint

  22. To provide an update, I have three packages to be received by viaddress and all these are to the 530 East Lexington Avenue and today I notice that viaddress has changed address to 55335-1 Corwin Street!!! Now, what am I suppose to do with this un-notified change of address.

  23. I have used Viaddress couple of times and each time, I wonder if I was ever going to receive my packages.

    And of course service was exceptionally bad, no reply to emails sent as what the others had said. I was just trying to arrange for some stuff to be shipped there from Amazon and there was a series of problems and eventually I realised that my address in My Account has been changed except for the suite number. Further investigation brought me to this site. I have lost a package, someone received it but it didn’t show up in my suite.

    What a load of problems!

  24. I am a victim also and I recently sent 4 parcels to viaddress and this was received at 530 East Lexington Avenue on Mon 6Dec. Of course I am aware viaddress is a scam and no answer from them. Reading this forum I am hopeful my parcels are held there and viaddress has not collected them. Can anyone advice me how I can find out about these parcels and have them sent to me or back to where I bought?

  25. i have noticed that viadress shipping manager is kelly snow and since they customer service is so bad with all issue they have, let try at home maybe it will work to get all our packages ship.
    Kelly J Snow
    354 Groveland St
    Boone Grove, IN 46302-7002
    (219) 462-4455

    Kelly L Snow
    7206 Grand Ave
    Hammond, IN 46323-2831
    (219) 989-0615

    Kelly L Snow
    8736 Timberbluff Ct
    Indianapolis, IN 46234-8848
    (317) 387-0449

    Kelly M Snow
    12950 Treaty Line St
    Carmel, IN 46032-8382
    (317) 816-xxxx

  26. I will never ever again use companies like Viaddress, that’s for sure.

    Say you buy an amount of items of value $200, they charge you like $240 for shipping. are you insane?!? I mean really!!!!

    For a couple of normal sized, and relatively thin books A4 and for some artistic brushes, I had to spill my guts over the email multiple times, (manly due to their extremely poor communication skills) before they offered me their repackage option, and kindly turn down the shipping price to $99, which sounded better but…

    This is still pure theft if you ask me, of course I was mad as hell.

    But I had to pay, if not, they would dispose of the already paid items, or if I waited any longer I should’ve had payed them for extra storage time.

    I’ve also done some research about the company on the internet, and I soon found out that Viadress was paying $10 to random people in exchange of positive reviews and propaganda for their site. Can you imagine what a sickening find.

    Really Viadress is not worth it.
    I really hope that the SCAM ends here.

  27. Oh and another thing, VIAddress has 15.000 + friends on facebook, but they seem there just for show, you wont find a single review or opinion about viaddress on their facebook profile. IMO that’s extremely shady and another red flag.

  28. Just to let you folks know I received my first shipment from Viaddress last week, there is still hope for you. I like you had almost given up on ever seeing my products, but they showed up much to my surprise and relief.

    It took about 3-4 weeks for them to process. Hope this helps.


  29. I thought, I’d update you on my experience.

    Viaddress are a real company, but their business practices are dishonest, their service unprofessional and their reputation shot. In late 2010, they put 4000 customer packages in storage, turned off their phone and email, and let their customers stew for 6 weeks. Were they relocating, as they claimed or simply on holiday? Of course this behaviour led to a large number of complaints from their customers, and you’ll see evidence of this on the forums and review sites.

    Some customers claim have been cheated, had their parcels lost through mismanagement and poor customer service, and there are claims of over-charging, holding packages for ransom and more. My own experince is not so dramatic. After waiting two months for parcel delivery, I count myself lucky to have received the goods, but wont be using them again, nor would I recommend them.

    On the dishonesty-front: when they started up, they employed spammers to post positive reviews of their service on blogs, forums and review sites. This led to excellent ratings, like on Trustpilot, where they managed to engineer a 5 star rating. However, in reality they are more like a budget, 2 star operation. I guess if you are buying something cheap and don’t care too much about loss of the goods, then they might suit you, as their prices are cheap. On the other hand, if you are buying something expensive, then try a more professional and reliable option.

  30. I finally received my goods today and after reading some of the above comments I think I ‘m very lucky. Mine was a similar experience to most of you, no reply to emails, no tracking numbers, do these people really exist etc etc. However I got an almost instant response once I initiated a non supply of goods Dispute through Paypal, of course they blamed Paypal for not advising them of my payment???? Duh Hello what’s wrong with checking your Bank deposit transactions occasionally. Anyway they finally acknowledged payment and eventually sent the item via Fedex who were very good, 3 days from Indiana to Brisbane once Fedex had picked it up from Viraladdress, the whole unfortunate experience has taken almost 2 months but hey at least I’ve got my stuff. The very best of luck to those of you who are still waiting. Oh and Merry Xmas.

  31. Via adress gave me as an address to the
    ..Corwin RD Unit A930995 55335 46514 Elkhart Indiana..
    Yet had not read the writing on this site…
    I did some shopping ebay. And my package to the same address given in the ROD GARAGE. I looked at the maps. Have a garage at the same rod.

    e- bay seller sent me e-mail.
    “Adem, received a call from a Rod Garage in Elkhart…A that received your …..shipment by mistake. Apparently the same complex that you live in…
    Rod Garage has the package and you should call him to pick it up. His telephone….
    I called him… But I can not speak enough English. Sorrow could not tell…

    I sent e-mail viateams, but could not get answer… Phone box filled with…

    What should I do.?

  32. SCAM! I did a massive christmas shopping on Amazon and had all the presents shipped there. They never shipped out my packages! Tried to call them over 100 times the last 2 weeks and NOTHING, NO ONE PICKS UP THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I emailed them and NOTHING, NO ONE REPLYS. The only reply was from a BOT message, the same message giving me a run around.

    They take your packages, they take your money that you wire them for shipping. SCAM

    The reason I trusted them was because I read over 50 good reviews. I now reread the reviews and realized that they dont seem real. One review talks about using them since many years well its funny because the business has not been in operation for long! I also heard that they hired people from India etc to flood the internet with positive reviews and the the name VIADDRESS to show up under googles algorithm so that when you do a background check you get tricked into thinking its a legitimate business.

    Do a google maps check of the company address, its not a mail company but a construction yard.

    Call the US POST of Elkhart, they refuse to deliver to them because they are crooks.

    1000s of people are being scammed right now!!!!!!!!!

    You people need to call the police so they can get a warrant to get your stuff back!

  33. donot know to starting…
    my item is arrieved there since ocktober 2010.
    until now i can’t order them to ship my item.
    became frustrasing abot their service…
    i have 18 item and more up to $180 of value..

    somebody has get their items now?
    i’m not lucky as you if you did…

  34. I succeeded to get my fishing rod today January, 4th 2011. I bought it on ebay last November, the 3rd 2010. I paid 39.25 euro to ship the rod to Italy, and 16.50 euro of Customs fees.
    But it worked, after all. Next time I’ll use another service, for sure, or I’ll not buy anymore out of Europe.

  35. Viadress of the new address and the address was the same Rod garage. Google maps street view, I saw that same garden. Apparently delayed by the transportation. These three products could be found at the address returned to the buyer. The other product had been mistakenly delivered to upsp rod. Product received by via. And quickly sent to me. Product reached my hand today. Thanks viaddres team.

  36. Robin, we should make an online group for people who are being scammed by viaddress.

    together we could raise some money and get someone to claim our stuff.

  37. Help desk is useless, no help what so ever. I want my 2 items sent to me worth 200us. ordered them in October.

  38. I have been working with VIAddress and attempting to resolve any shipping issues or problems that have been reported. If you have a VALID complaint, and are not just causing trouble, you can feel free to contact me and I will help you resolve any issues with the business.

    Ray Caples, Detective
    Elkhart County Sheriff Department
    [email protected]

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