Malmo Heartbreak
Image by Paul Stuart Iddon via Flickr
I just had the awkward experience of answering a call from an African-American dude here late at night on my office line.
*I pick up the phone to lots of static*
Me: Hello?
Dude: Yo, could I talk to CC?
Me: Pardon?
Dude: CC?
Me: Uh, this is Podhurl Inc.  We’re currently after hours, but I can try to help you sir, but, there isn’t a CC here.
Dude: Oh, uh, I met this girl last night and she said this was her number.
Me: I hate to say this, but, if you had a romantic interest in her I’d say she shoved you off…because you just called a consulting company.
Dude: Oh…damn….sorry.
Me: It’s OK bro, you have a good night now.

Also, I’m not sure who you are CiCi/CC/SiSi….but next time you want to dump a guy invent a number starting with 555, k?

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