Newly Updated Eufloria Just $4.99

Eufloria screenshotOK, so, first of all you need to realize that I LOVE Eufloria. It’s pretty much my all-time, no-holes-barred, favorite casual game, ever. It’s simple to learn to play, the music and effects are relaxing and the problem solving skills needed to solve the levels are just complex enough to be interesting, but not make you tired of playing.

If you don’t own the Eufloria game, you can go and grab it now for probably the cheapest it’s going to be for a while. It’s in the indie mix pack in the steam store for a very sweet $4.99 (1/4 of the list price), and, as a bonus it’s bundled with 4 other interesting games. It’s like getting 4 games for free!

Eufloria is also still being developed and just this month has had a new update rolled out with a moderately faster game pace and loads of other fixes and improvements.  All current users will get the updates for free, and Steam users will get them automatically.

Yeah… I’m kinda excited about this. The sale ends on January 2 so don’t wait too long before snagging it up. I’ve also included a gameplay video from the latest edition of the game and, if you’re still not sold, you can grab the demo for free.

Metadata: Eufloria reviewed by Robin Monks on 2010-12-29.
Summary: Fun, addictive game that takes a new spin on real-time strategies. 5 out of 5 stars.

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