Viaddress Still Alive, Also Still Ignoring Customers

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Viaddress logo (TM Viaddress)It’s been a long while since publishing the last posts I made about the discount package forwarding service Viaddress.  At the time I became involved after getting caught in a massive backlog and found myself joined there with many other customers, and looking for answers which were scarce and hard to separate from the hype and fiction of other forwarding services that seemed equally interested in pitching their own product (I filtered dozens of obviously fake comments from the original two posts).

Eventually tho, the backlog was handled, the comments and emails from concerned customers stopped coming — and Viaddress refunded my shipping fees from the test I ran way back when this whole thing started. They also asked me to take down my earlier posts, but, I made a counter-offer: Lots of folks still come to this site searching for Viaddress and I thought the fairest thing I could do for those curious about the company would be to give Viaddress a chance to tell their story and conduct an email interview.  They agreed and below is the full interview with David Wallace, Vice-President of Viaddress.

#1: So I guess some background is in order; could you take a moment to introduce yourself, Viaddress and what Viaddress does?

As you may already know, my name is David Wallace and I joined the Viaddress company as Vice President back in March 2011 to help improve the business operations and customer relationships.

Viaddress is a package forwarding company that was established to help people from countries outside the United States to shop at any American store they want. Viaddress makes shopping from the US retailers possible for people in over 230 Countries and Territories by forwarding packages to them at the lowest shipping rates in the market.

Viaddress prides itself by offering the lowest shipping fees to forward packages from the United States, and by being the only package forwarding company that offers a free US address to its customers with no setup fees, no monthly fees, no concierge fees and no storage fees.

#2: About a year ago, Viaddress seemed to go totally off-grid; later you had said there was a massive backlog after a warehouse closure.  What started off that chain of effects and how did it get that bad?

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]The move was complicated […] and it had to be done during the holiday rush, because the old warehouse had no space to spare for incoming boxes.[/quote]

Back in 2010, Viaddress was planning to move to a larger warehouse after the Christmas holidays to accommodate the increasing number of shoppers, however the volume of arriving boxes exceeded everyone’s expectations following the thanksgiving holiday seasons and we had no choice but to make an immediate move in the middle of the holiday shopping season, which was not an easy task.

The move was complicated because it involved moving the delivery addresses of tens of thousands of customers from the old warehouse to our current warehouse, and it had to be done during the holiday rush, because the old warehouse had no space to spare for incoming boxes.

We did our best to keep our customers informed about their new address with Viaddress, and we made the new address available on everyone’s account area on, however, some customers were still shipping their purchases to their address at our old warehouse because they had it saved on the retailers websites, long after we provided them with the new address, which caused a few delays in rerouting and forwarding their orders.

#3: Why did it take so long to finally come forward with what had happened?

I apologize on behalf of the whole Viaddress team if some people feel that they were not informed about the reason of the delays during the 2010 holidays shopping season. I also would like to add that previous Viaddress staff did their best to mention the necessary move to the new warehouse a few times in our newsletters that were sent out to all our registered customers by giving notices, reminders and a deadline, we also mentioned that it may cause a few delays in processing orders for our existing customers.

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we frequently upgraded the shipping method for free, for orders that were affected by the holiday rush delays, and we even issued full refunds for the shipping fees on multiple occasions, even though the shipping fees are our only source of income; we basically forwarded their packages for free.

Fortunately, the new customers who registered after we moved to our new warehouse were not affected by those delays, because the new location was fully staffed and fully operational before we moved to it.

#4: Do you feel confident that what happened last year won’t/can’t happen again?

Absolutely, we have learned our lesson from the past holiday shopping season and we’re confident that we are fully prepared to handle the spike in order volume during this upcoming 2011 holiday shopping season.

We have made a few upgrades to our workflow and installed state of the art technologies at our warehouse to handle packages more efficiently.

We also made significant upgrades to our I.T. department and to our online administration systems so we can process orders in a timely manner. We have even ran a few simulations and passed them successfully.

#5: What kind of resources exist now for customers to get in touch with you that didn’t exist a year ago?

Current customers may have noticed that we replaced our communication system trough traditional email by the award winning Help Desk system from Zendesk, which proved to be quite efficient and made a huge positive difference in our customer service.

Our response time to customer tickets has improved considerably since last year. Over 98% of our customer inquiries through our help desk are answered within 4 to 24 hours.

You can see from the attached (below) Customers Tickets Evolution Report how our customer service department was able to bring down the number of unsolved tickets dramatically over the past few months which is impressive given the fact that the volume of arriving boxes never ceased to grow since the beginning of 2011.

Chat of Viaddress Open Support Tickets Over Time


We have added more Frequently Asked Questions to our site and we encourage people to check them before sending us a question because they can find the answer to their questions there most of the time.

#6: Anything else you’d like to add (additional questions you’d like to answer?)

We have hired more team members in our Shipping department and Customer Service department to accommodate the growth of our company.

We have lowered our already discounted shipping rates and we consistently make sure that our shipping rates are lower than any competitor out there.

Shoppers from outside the United States can feel confident that by using Viaddress to forward packages from US retailers, they are getting the lowest shipping fees and highest quality of customer service.

Viaddress is sincerely committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our customers and to developing and improving on all aspects of our services.


[box type=”alert” size=”large”]What follows is the original article as written in December, 2010 and contains information that is out-of-date and kept for historical reasons only. My new post “The Viaddress Interview” is available, go to that post for the lastest information and to comment.[/box]


A short while ago after doing some personal investigation I wrote a post about Viaddress. At the time I had no idea just how many other people were affected by the business practices of this company, or what a string of events would end up occurring.

I originally started this quest when I was planning to write a blog series on various companies offering services akin to Viaddress. Viaddress was the first company I tested since it was apparently the cheapest by my calculations. To test them, I sent a t-shirt from shirt.woot and a book from Alibris to my unit #. Incidentally, after explaining the situation, woot actually mailed me a second shirt to my international address for no charge. They’ve won much respect from me for that.

Since the last post was written, Viaddress has circulated an very upbeat email informing people they had stopped all storage fees and had moved into a new warehouse, blaming lack of storage for previous delays:

The move was not anticipated until after Christmas, however after receiving a record-high number of packages following Thanksgiving holiday deliveries —which caused some delays in processing shipments for some existing customer— we had to proceed with the move to the new warehouse to serve our existing customers better and sustain the ever-growing number of new customers.

Because of this, their warehouse has now moved to 55335 CORWIN RD, Elkhart Indiana 46514 with the BBB listing two additional addresses at 114 W Sycamore St Elkhart, IN 46516 and the previous warehouse address a short distance away at 530 East Lexington Ave Elkhart, IN 46516.

Four days later Viaddress sent a second email, telling people they needed to fill out a new form to allow them to process their USPS incoming mail – without mentioning the Postal Inspectors had previously quarantined their operation.

Due to recent USPS regulation changes, all customers expecting packages from USPS, must complete  USPS Form 1583 in order for us to receive their shipments from USPS. Viaddress may not accept packages from USPS until we receive Form 1583, authorizing Viaddress to accept packages on your behalf.

It should be noted none of this is too bad; but, it doesn’t address why users of their services have gone for weeks without responses.  Viaddress’ own forums are filled with various posts from angry customers who still haven’t seen their packages.

Calls and emails from this author to Viadress regarding these issues have also yet to have been returned, despite my knowledge that Viadress is aware of my posts and my desire to speak with them on the record regarding what has happened and what they will do to correct it.

Viaddress also has received additional complaints with the Better Business Bureau, who has given them their lowest possible rating of F. All of these issues have created a mass upheaval across the internet of unhappy current and past clients of the service.

If you’re in need of a shipment service, check out some of the alternatives listed in the post and comments on my original post. I would strongly discourage anyone from shipping with Viaddress, at least until they have opened up as to what went wrong and shown clear progress in dealing with their customers, handling their business in a timely and orderly fashion and being fair in their shipping rates.

Oh, and, Viaddress, since I know you’ll eventually read this: email me at robin @ robinmonks . com so we can set up a time to talk about this entire thing. Pretending this problem isn’t there isn’t going to do anyone any good.

106 thoughts on “Viaddress Still Alive, Also Still Ignoring Customers

  1. Sadly I’m one of the many who are unhappy with this company. I’ve been trying to get my goods sent to me since November. I’ve paid for the shipping and since then nothing, nada, zilch. They do not respond to emails, they created a new process on the web for complaints and they don’t respond to that, you can’t ring them by ph (goes to voice mail). It beggars belief how bad their customer relations are.
    If I didn’t live so far away I’d visit them with baseball bat in hand and start asking some hard questions. Maybe there’s a business there, someone in Elkhart can consolidate from the consolidator…..
    Good luck with this blog, I will follow it with keen interest and I hope you keep persuing them, for all of our sakes.

    And Viaddress, if you ever read this, I’m suite A915200.

  2. Same problems here ordered my parcel delivered to me October, didn’t receive it, then opened a claim with paypal to refund the shipping cost. Tryed again after the refund with no luck. have a few hundred dollars worth of items i want sent. They have ignored my complaints as well. I am so hacked off with this company.

  3. Hi everyone ! I have the same problem. 200$ of products lost somewhere in Viaddress warehouse and no answer to my mails. I’m asking myself if there is any solution to force them ship all those delayed packages….but I don’t think so. I guess I lost 200$…..ouch…..that hearts….

  4. Yes we are in the same boat. Looking for someone to ship to Australia and we selected VIAddress. I created an account and all seemed OK.

    We were allocated Unit A933363 and I logged into the account a couple of times, to check. All seemed Ok. I tried to log in recently to see if the shipped item had arrived and I got an “invalid password/logon” error. Tried a few times then requested my password. No reply email.

    Today I created a new account with the same logon. It let me, no duplicate error or anything. The new unit number is A933345. I’m really concerned that our item sent to the original unit will either get “lost” or “stored” I’m going to try ringing them tomorrow (14 Jan in Australia). I’m not sure if they’ll redirect the package to the new unit number or not.

  5. I cannot believe how stupid I was, foregoing the critical research on the internet about this forwarder. The local police or chamber of commerce should do something to help those deceived customers, who were in fact swindled into using Viaddress service. It will definitely leave a very bad reputation on the city or region. This thing should simply be closed down and there are definitely reasons for government to do so.

  6. Oh joy, I just can’t wait to see what these guys do next.

    Updating from my earlier comment –
    Logged onto my account, went into the shipping manager and items that were in my suite and that I had paid shipping (but haven’t yet shipped) have now disappeared and there is a message that says “Please excuse our digital dust while we’re doing some upgrades to our system. Don’t hesitate to contact our Help Desk if you notice any issues with your order history”

    So at least before I could see my stuff sitting there waiting to go, even if I had paid for it and it hadn’t been shipped yet.

    Now my stuff has just gone, vanished, vamoosed. I suppose they can now pretend it was never there. “Don’t hesitate to contact our help desk” should be replaced with “Don’t hesitate to CRY LOUDLY if you notice any issues with your order history”. Contact the help desk, what a JOKE!

  7. Hello, sadly I’m one of the many who are unhappy with this company! I’ve been trying to get my goods sent to me since November 23th. Shipping was payed by PayPal on November 24th, refounded and payed next on December 29th for a new expedition but, my nr.2 items never ship.
    In this days I’ve writing two email at the Elkhart county sheriff and I’m waiting your answer.
    I do not know that to make…

  8. Thanks Robin to share ur space with us!

    I’d like go to USA and check viaddress warehouse..

    The situation is unexplainable… beg to ship! come n!

  9. I have posted complaints about Viaddress on other web sites (Ripoff Report for example) and when reviewing the complaint the other day, saw this added as a comment:

    >I have been working with VIAddress and attempting to >resolve any shipping issues or problems that have been >reported. If you have a VALID complaint, and are not just >causing trouble, you can feel free to contact me and I will >help you resolve any issues with the business.
    >Ray Caples, Detective
    >Elkhart County Sheriff Department
    >[email protected]

    So for all of you out there that are having problems, put the history down in an email to Ray and hopefully he can help you sort things out. His reply to me is that he has a “lot” of complaints to deal with and it will take some time. Be patient he suggested, how long ones patience can last is another matter but I feel a little bit happier now that the police are looking into it.

  10. I’m another unhappy user of Viaddress. Just bought a brand new laptop at $500. My shipment is arriving to my “suite” tmr and I tried to stop it but the eBay seller just won’t help me up and do a stop to the delivery. I am so devastated!..

  11. Hello, I must say I am also one of the unhappy ones who was looking for someone to ship to Switzerland and I selected Viaddress. I have over $450 of goods paid in my unit (evidence from UPS tracking and delivery to some Viadress individuals) and $195 worth of shipping already paid via Paypal. I am trying to get the shipment since December, wrote many emails via their help desk web site, many complaints, etc.. no answer, no progress, nothing, nada…I am thinking now about writing to the County Sheriff Department as suggested by Ann above.

  12. Hi Ann

    I ordered mine 30th of December then paid shipping two weeks ago, after then I cannot contact VIADDRESS. Mine was worth around $700 US with $200 US shipping, I am really frustrated after I found this posting.
    I wish to get more feedback about this issue, My email is “[email protected]”.
    I hope I can get my items at least,

  13. Hi,
    I have the same problem as all of you. Did anyone write to Mr. Ray Caples (Elkhart Country Sheriff)??? Any ideas? THX

  14. Hi,

    I’m also one of the unhappy customers of Viaddress and I’ve sent the report to Mr. Ray Caples today because it has been impossible to call this company or to get an answer by email.
    Im very sorry about it but I don’t have a good idea, only the hope that Mr. Caples can help us.

  15. Hi everybody, I’m another unhappy customers…

    I’m so worried… did you believe that Mr.Caples is true??

    I mean… how could a sheriff resolve these problems and let we receive our stuff???

  16. @francesco,
    You are right. I don’t know if mr caples is true. But we have no choise.
    Is here someone who solved his problem in the past few days?

  17. @Fkcam
    Well, I pay Viaddress fee on the 6th of January..not so many days ago… but I’m worried because I’m reading all these bad feedbacks 🙁

    The promptly answered to my first questions, when I asked about my shipping page (I have paid but I can see anything in my shipping manager page).

    Then, I wrote again 4-5 times but no answers.

  18. same thing for me, I paid the Viaddress shipping fee on 28th dec, the shipping manager page displayed my items and a “processing” state. as nothing happened I wrote on 5th jan, they replied “sorry for the delay, should be shipped today”, since then nothing and my items disappeared from the shipping manager page.

    I wrote again almost every other day, but no answers.

  19. I have the same problem with viaddress.
    I found this:

    Posted: 07 Dec , 2010 by Tony
    Do not use them is all I have to say. I was using them for a while and they were ok just very slow until my last shipment that sat there processing for over 2 weeks, at which point I started getting a bit worried. Tried calling them but no answer and their mail box was full and after a bit of hunting around on the web found an article that suggested the USPS has shut them down for not complying with postal regulations. Called up the USPS who were not much help but did suggest I speak to the Elkhart Police department who were very informative and have had regular complaints. It seems that the USPS did shut them down and quarantine all the packages until they agreed to start fill out the correct paperwork which they have not been doing. Then 3 days after they reopened their landlord evicted then and the building has been under police lock down while they find a new facility. I have been told by the Elkhart Police that I will eventually get my shipment some time but who knows when. Do you think have sent me any email to mention any of this, no not one and I have had 2 other shipments returned to sender. One other this I know will not send any shipments to them due to fraud and the same with

  20. I found a reference:

    17 days ago by Mikhail Efremov 0 Votes

    The same problem with me. Once I have used VIAddress it was OK! But then I have payed 3 orders in December 13-30, 2010 service stopped work! Smb from VIAddress informed me that VIAddress had changed it`s location and for this reason all shippmens were delayed, and after that news the staff of VIAddress started to play a bad E-mail games. INside VIAddress site there is forum of VIAddress clients and inside of that forum you don`t find a good reference. Among them demands to investigate activity of VIAddress` staff, appeals to Elkhart local police and so on… And the reason is only one – non amerikan style of management. I don`t know who is director of VIAddress you do not find this information in VIAddress site. May be it is top secret, otherwise people will know it`s a hero!!!

  21. I got a reply from Ray saying that he was going to meet with Viaddress to discuss the complaints he has received. As long as you have paid for shipping and they haven’t shipped it, he will take up your case.
    At this stage I believe he is valid as I have read other posts where he has helped. If you really want to know more you could always ring him at the sheriffs dept (574) 891 2100.

  22. I think it’s a bad joke…
    In the Elkhart County sheriff page, the Sheriff name is Brad Rogers…so… who is Ray ?

  23. A county sheriffs office generally has more than one officer. I believe Brad Rogers is the chief, Ray is a detective.

  24. News…
    Today I wrote to Mr RayCaples and he answered me in 10-15 minutes.
    He’s really kind, he sent me a mail where he explain what to do.

    First of all, he say to be patient, but our items should be despatched, even if very late.

    If you want to read this e-mail, you can contact me: johnabruzzi79 at

  25. Yesterday, I also wrote to Mr Ray Caples and he answered very quickly. Looks like he must have received so many complaints that he has now a standard and full letter well detailed and describing five steps and reasons of some of the issues with this company…and to be patient.

    Let’s wait and see what happens

  26. Good news my friends…
    I was waiting for 2 packages.
    Today I received the track number for the 1st one (a Fedex trak # )

    I checked the number, and it’s ok.

    Now I hope to receive the second one…

  27. Hi everyone,

    I’ve been reading all the bad luck and I must admit that I have goods to the value of $900 dollars at Viaddress also but I can’t get my items shipped, they’re not in my shipping manager account anymore.

    I kno wmost of you have written to the county sherrifs department and I believe those that have paid shipping fee’s is what he’s investigating into, but what about those people (like me) which haven’t paid for shipping yet but we have parcels with them?

    Do you think the sherrif will still be able to help?

  28. Found this from another post, a new tactic from Viaddress, not only will they ignore you but once 90 days are up they will destroy your packages………. -:

    I paid for my packages to be shipped on November 5th 2010.

    So, 2 weeks ago I emailed Viaddress all my tracking numbers which they strangely asked for and yesterday they emailed me back saying that my packages had been stored longer than the 90 days so they have been disposed of!!!!!!

    I have wrote to them back that I paid for my packages to be shipped on Nov 5th, well within the 90 days. They had no right to dispose of my packages. So I got an email today saying ” I apologize for the confusion, I will speak with the shipping manager about this”

  29. Hi, i’m Francesco from Italy, i’ve the same problem! about 400usd in goods lost in viaddress warehouse; i tried this service 3 months ago so everything ok, my items arrived. Since they have changed their warehouse, problems began! they don’t reply! i don’t know what i’ve to do…
    Any suggestion???

  30. I have unfortunately had very similar experience with VIAddress.

    I have ordered two items from which have been tracked as having been “delivered” on 22 January 2011.

    These items do not appeared (on the viaddress website) as having been received by VIAddress.

    Phone – answering machine, left message, no reaction!
    Emails – (three) no reaction!
    Online HelpDesk – Issue opened, no reaction at all!

    Have just emailed Detective Ray Caples of the Elkhart County Sherriff Deptartment with full details.

    Have also warned in writing: eBay, PayPal and Amazon.

    It isn’t right that these gangsters get away with such unfair business ethics. They have already hurt enough of us, it should be their turn now!

    Please make sure that ALL OF YOU make a real effort and write, write, write and write until this website is closed and they go under (where they belong).

  31. Credit for this post goes to Bill Logan, you summed it up perfectly! The following is copied from a trustpilot review on the 1st Feb:-

    Great service, fast delivery and brilliant web site – wish I could give them 6 stars!!

    I purchased a siamese kitten from New York, and had Viaddress deliver the package to me in Belgium. They were great and very professional. However, to be honest, at first I had my doubts. But I shouldn’t have worried – they offered the most professional service possible. They really rolled out the red carpet for me.

    I had earlier emailed them and asked them to call me when the package arrived. Not expecting them to do so, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a very polite call from someone called Emma who informed me that the package had arrived on time, and that the staff were enjoying feeding the kitten and making sure it felt at home in their warehouse. She asked if they could upgrade my shipping method to helicopter at no extra charge. Naturally I agreed on the spot!

    Then the most extraordinary thing happened. The package arrived at my house fully one day before they sent it from their warehouse, and two days before I had purchased the kitten. How’s that for speed? Furthermore, they had consolidated the parcel and repackaged it in three layers of foam, cardboard and aluminium sheeting, and provided all their services -concierge, purchasing, consolidation and many other services repeatedly mentioned in the other reviews on this web site. . Anyway, inside the package was my kitten – alive and well – and still purring from all the TLC they had given it in their warehouse. They had added a surprise to the package. There was a black puppy and a small green budgerigar in there as well, which the wonderful viaddress staff had slipped in. My wife and I were thrilled, and called viaddrress customer service immediately to thank them. This is where the strange part of my story begins, as no matter how many times I called them and emailed them, I simple couldn’t get through. I tried calling them at all hours of the day and night, tried their web site, their office number, and even the fake phone number from their whois record. After several months of failed communications, I was beginning to get concerned. Until, i realised that in fact I was hallucinating, and in fact the package had never arrived, that I was instead contacting the police station in their town in the USA, and trying to recover my package by any and all means possible. Then when I explored more deeply, I discovered that all the positive reviews I had been reading about the company were fake, and that they were well known on the internet for running a fraudulent and unethical operation. How dumb did I now feel? And how sorry for that poor unsuspecting kitten dying of hunger under a pile of undelivered parcels in a dark warehouse somewhere in the mid-west of the USA?

    Don’t forget – Viaddress offers:
    .Fast service
    .Easy to use
    .Free concierge service
    .Great customer service
    .Always available on the phone/chat
    .Accurate Tracking on Fedex
    .Cheaper than competitors: Myus, Bongous, Borderlinx, Vpost, usa2me
    (I’m sure you can’t forget, they have spammed it all over the web)

    Thank you Viaddress!

  32. If you want to receive your packages, you have to contact them in the Right way…

    DO NOT write by their site, I think they don’t read any message.

    You have to write them directly by an e-mail, if you need furher info you can mail me.

    I wrote them and they sent me my stuff.

    I paid on 6th Jan.
    For 20 days I’ve been writting them but no answers.
    Finally, I decided to write by email and the day after they sent the package by Fedex.
    Now I’m here with my stuff….

    I probably will never use Viaddress, but trust me: you can receive all your items.

  33. Nope, i’ve sent a few mails to their email address and there was not a single response from them. Elkhart’s Sheriff Ray Caples even told me to cc the email to him too. I am really wondering what are they doing everyday? Opening people’s parcel and check if there’s anything valuable?

  34. Ha – I have sent them emails EVERY day for the past two months – the help desk, contact, support, gmail all get my email. I have NEVER had a reply. They have had my stuff since Nov, I have paid for shipping, items have recently disappeared from my suite – they haven’t replied since Dec 5th. All I can say is that you should go and buy a lottery ticket because you are obviously one very lucky person.

  35. Another viaddress complaint. I really wish all of this had come to light before I had a parcel shipped to them in early November! I am still waiting to receive it, what a nightmare. Firstly it took them over 4 weeks to update my shipping manager to say it was received. Then after I paid to have it onforwarded it took them 2 weeks to update it to “processing”. About 4 weeks ago after numerous complaints sent through their website helpdesk service, I got a message back to say “please stand by for a tracking number from FEDEX this evening between 7 and 8pm”. I was never advised of the tracking number, and now they won’t respond to emails, voicemails, or helpdesk requests. Curse you viadress! And curse stupid internet shopping sites that don’t ship internationally!

    I have sent an email to the elkhart county sheriff today, I expect I’ll get the same reply as everyone else, but I don’t feel hopeful that my parcel will ever arrive.

  36. Hello everybody,

    I have the same problems as all of you. Francesco is right. I wrote them every day (on their site). No response. Then I tried to write directly to [email protected]. After a while (two weeks) I got an answer from Alexandra Marks. I informed them about my missing packages, and after another one weeks I have seen two of my missing packages in my account. So one package is still missing. I hope, that they will find it too. And after all this procedure I will risk it and will pay them the shippment to my country. I don’t know if it works but I have to try it.
    good luck to all of you an me of course

  37. Great – just f#$%^#N marvelous. Even the official channels can’t help.

    Robin – can you suggest a good private investigator in Elkhart? I’d happily pay someone to go there and sort this out and I’m sure there are many others out there who would do the same.

  38. As you can see on the web, they care so much about the customers feedback (all fake, of course…).

    So: when you write them, add that you will leave bad feeback for Viaddress in all the forum and site that you know.

  39. Good news!
    Detective Ray Caples had sent me an e-mail on Thursday to ask me whether I’ve got my item and I’ve answered immediately (sent all my screenshots of the operation sequence to him).
    In this morning, less than 2 days later, I’ve got the tracking number from FedEx by e-mail and the status in my Viaddress account has changed to “shipped”.
    Let’s hope the best and many, many thanks to Detective Ray Caples!

  40. Hi Guys,

    What can I say, purchased US$1,000.00 dollars worth of electrical equipment in a excited state and promptly signed up with Viaddress after the now obvious fake feedback comments about the place, clearly didn’t carry out enough searches.
    Of the nine items that have been tracked as delivered on 27 Jan to Viaddress only two are showing up. I’m sweating now after finding all these accurate posts!

    Don’t think I have a choice but to chance it and pay the shipping to Australia when they do eventually turn up.

    Have preempted problems and logged my issued with Detective Ray Caples 🙂 Seems I will get a positive response but wont hold my breath for the items.

    First time I’ve been scammed on the internet dammnn!

  41. Urban: you must be one of those few lucky ones.

    All the same,Sent an email to Detective Caples
    I wrote directly to Viaddress, received a reply from Alexandra Marks and from Elliot Douglas (Account manager at Viaddres) saying they are sorry about the delay, they were still in the process of updating all deleted packages and the newly received packages.

    I paid the shipping on 28th dec.2010, have seen nothing shipped yet.

    I think the only way to resolve is to hope Detective can help us!

  42. I’m yet another customer having issues with viaddress. I had ordered some items from amazon and directed to viaddress warehouse. Still 7+ days after my items being delivered viaddress warehouse my item’s are still being showed as processing.. I’ve paid their own service fee on the day they recieved my package from Amazon…

    So i’ve sent an email to Mr. Ray Caples, hoping he can help me solving my issue.

    DO NOT USE VIADDRESS guys, if you don’t want to get stressed.

  43. Finally after two weeks my package shows up on their website. I’ve paid for the shipping and now it’s another wait for them to ship it out.

  44. Hi,
    me the same. I paid on 03.02. for the shipment and now I’m waiting. Alexandra Marks wrote me that the shipment takes 24-48 hours to verify payment and then another 24-48 hours to process the package for shipping. These time frames do not include weekends. But the status on my account is still the same ‘processing’. Let’s see what happens.

  45. I’ve got my parcel in this morning and I’m really very happy.
    I’ve to say thank you very much to Detective Ray Caples from the Elkhart County Sheriff Department (I’ve sent an e-mail to him already) because I’m very sure that I got it only with his extensive support & help!

    Procedure list:
    18. January: parcel arrived at Viaddress
    20. January: first e-mail to Ray Caples + his very prompt answer
    23. January: shipment invoice from Viaddress + paid through PayPal immediately
    03. February: the request of Detective Ray Caples whether I’ve got my item – sent my answer 1 hour later to him: “No” and additionally the screenshots of the porceedings
    04. February: first shipment notification from FedEx with “International Economy”
    07. February: second notification from FedEx: International Priority, which I had paid for to Viaddress AND the parcel was picked up in Elkhart only 1 hour later.

    09. February: parcel with the right item arrived in Germany at home

    I hope this helps a little bit – I’m very sure that only the support of Mr. Caples has been my luck and I don’t want to know what would had happend w/o him.
    Thank you very much also to ROBIN MONKS also because the information I’ve found here has been the reason to contact Detective Ray Caples.

    Good luck!

  46. Well, you could knock me over with a feather. You actually got your shipment??? Amazing, miracles do happen.
    Maybe it’s because your stuff got delivered in January, as opposed to those of us who got their stuff delivered to Viaddress in Nov of last year. I’m just waiting for Viaddress to tell me my items have been with them for more than 90 days so now they are going to dispose of them, oh joy.

  47. Same for me, my stuff was delivered to Viaddres 20-22 Dec last year. Payment was also made immediately in Dec last year. So far, nothing has moved on. I am also waiting on Viaddress to tell me my stuff have been with them for more than 50 days now. I have not heard anymore from Detective Ray Caples, although I wrote him twice.

  48. I saw from somewhere VIADDRESS sends out those packages in batches with FEDEX? Maybe they consolidate once every week or twice? Anyone can verify this?

  49. hi i m samantha i write from italy.. i m in the same situation.. i bought from an american site they shipped my package on 1 febb and arrived at viadress on 3 feb. i m still waiting an e mail from them..i called a costumer service alexandra answer to me and she said in 24 h u will receive an e mail with ur package.. still waiting.. do u think i will receive my package or not?!..

    1. Hi Samantha,

      From the sound of your comment you haven’t been waiting all that long. The current trend seems to be folks who had their packages arrive at the Viaddress warehouse after January of this year were able to get their packages with some patience. Folks who had their packages arrive in December and November seem to be having the toughest time getting their packages shipped to them (perhaps because viaddress switched warehouses).
      They are very unorganized, so, the best thing you can do right now is to be patient. If after, say a week you still haven’t heard from them you may want to try emailing detective Ray Caples (who’s email address is in the comments on my blog) for assistance.


  50. Hi folks,

    today I get my answer on my postbox, that one package from RL arrieved. GREAAAAAT. Waiting “only” till Jan, 11th.

    Getting in contact with a Sandra Marks who doing well because days later the first item is in my pbox.

    SO hope that secon will arrieve this days and then hopefully send to germany.

    Greets to all and hope that everyone will get the packages they ordered.

    Peter from Stuttgart (Germany)

  51. Hi again,

    now I’m waiting till 02.02.2011 after my payment for the shipment but nothing happens. The status of the shipment at my account is still ‘processing’. I wrote two times to Alenxandra Marks and one time to Ray Caples but no response. If they don’t ship within a week I will complain them to Paypal (I paid via Paypal) and I’m going to cancel the payment.

  52. It looks like someone at Viaddress is still concerned about their image. They had a review section on their facebook page in which many posts had been made about ongoing problems, they have now amended their page so the reviews are no longer available.
    Well done Viaddress, stick your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening.

  53. Helio – there are 2 other addresses for viaddress
    support at viaddress dot com
    contact at viaddress dot com

    Good luck in getting a reply.

  54. i am trying to post here for 3rd time loooooooooooong latter for detective Ray Caples and 3 times my post wasn’t post it. not even “awaiting moderation. WTF?

    1. @Rony Comments are moderated, you’d be amazed the number of other viaddress competitors that tries to sneakily link back to their sites from these posts. It’s, sadly, a necessary precaution.

  55. Hey:)

    Does anybody know if viadress has an international phone number?
    I tried to call to the number given at their website, but it seems to be only for local calls…(inside the U.S) I come from finland, so… too bad. 😀

  56. Finally mine is shipped yesterday(friday). So my wait is around 1 month since the day my item arrived at VIADDRESS.

  57. Yes, it looks like something is happening. My shipping manager got updated. The one item I have had since Nov now says it is processing. Where the 2 missing items are goodness only knows, maybe they have been found and will turn up at the same time even though the shipping manager says nothing about them??? If not then they have not only taken my 2 missing pieces but overcharged me for shipping as well. I can only but wait and see……..

  58. What I would like to add is I am sure I got my items only because of the extensive support and help from
    Detective Ray Caples from the Elkhart County Sheriff Department. I sent him an email to thank him for his help.

    VIAddress never updated their Shipping Manager page and I never received a shipping notification from them either. The only thing I received was a shipping email from FedEx and my items arrived 3 days later in Switzerland.

  59. Hi Helio – I can’t suggest anything else other than to continue to hound them with emails to all 3 email addresses and to keep posting help tickets every time they close them. Be persistent, every day send them the emails. Make sure every email is a complete history of what has has happened eg tracking number, name of sender, arrival date, payment details for shipping (if paid), date it disappeared from your unit. All I can do is wish you good luck.

  60. Hello everyone, I live in Australia and have used Viaddress twice now. The first, last Nov 2010 and the second in Jan 2011. The first went reasonably smoothly and the second very slowly. I went to cancel the paypal freight payment and voila suddenly the Fedex tracking appeared and the item is on the way, albeit I am not sure what’s in the parcel as it say’s it weighs only 1.0lb and I reckon my items would weigh at least 4 or 5. Also I have an item on my dashboard that I did not purchase (shoes & clothing)so hope this is just an error. The whole thing is a real shambles but I honestly don’t think there is any scam going on just perhaps one person trying to cope with a lot of parcels and a lot of angry people. You must remember the reason they ARE cheap is that their only opportunity to make a few bucks is on shipping. It’s just another case of “buyer beware- you only get what you pay for”

  61. Hello everybody, today I received the shipping confirmation from fedex. Viaddress has sent my items, what a wonder. The only thing I hope is. , that they send the right packages. Lets wait and see

  62. Well, viaddress answered me!
    first email from support:


    This email address is no longer used to solve Customer Service issues. Please submit a ticket on our help desk. If you have done so someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
    Best regards,

    Elliot Douglas
    Account manager
    Viaddress Team”

    COME ON!!! but, after this, my first question from help desk:

    Customer Service, Feb-22 15:31 (EST):
    1Z 8W516R0319970434
    1Z W5 014PP13182720
    1Z 577140PP66438092

    The above tracking numbers are listed in your account. If you want to have them shipped you need to click on Ship Now button.
    If you are missing something or have other questions please replay to this ticket.
    Best Regards

    BUT i cant see anything on my shipping manager (Y)

    nice job viaddress.. i will wait one month for answers.

  63. Finally my items were delivered to me today, after exactly 50 days. I’ve to say thank you very much to Sheriff Brad Rogers and Detective Ray Caples from the Elkhart County Sheriff Department.

    Murat from Izmir/TURKEY

  64. Following on from my post of Feb 23rd above I would like to add that my items arrived today Fedex Priority in perfect condition. Maybe I am just lucky I really can’t say but I haven’t had to talk to any police. I have been patient and non abusive and it has paid off. I really do think there are some very malicious people out there who want to see Viaddress dead and buried and will do and say anything to make it happen. I admit Viaddress is slow but I have nothing but praise for them. Believe it or not!!!!

  65. Today I finally received my four parcels that was ordered in November. They send all my parcel for free. If you want to contact them, write ATT: Jason Hass in the header of your mail and he will answer. I would also say thanks to Detective Ray Caples for the help to find a solution with this issue.

  66. Dean – I don’t think anyone who has waited months and had to involve the sheriff’s dept to get their stuff is malicious, just frustrated and pissed off. I have been waiting since Nov and am now going down the legal process of suing them. How anyone can have praise for this company is beyond me. You it seems are extremely lucky, would you use them again?

  67. Hello Ann, No I will not use them again. I agree I think I have been extremely lucky but then again everything I read about all freight forwarders is none too positive. You chose Viaddress for the same reason I did-low cost. I can only relate my experiences with them nothing else. They are certainly not paying me that’s for sure. The thing that did worry me was a package in my suite that I did not order and have no details of, suffice to say the vendor was a person I purchased from last year but I have already received the package he sent. Maybe your packages have found a similar fate. I wish you luck.

  68. As I read last month, I’m one of the lucky guys that received the items from Viaddress (even if: 15 mail and 1 month later).

    Do you think that Viaddress will work ok in the next future??
    I mean… I can risk another order, or you think that I should find another service ?

    I had a look, but I found only high, hing prices…

  69. Yesterday, after 59 days of waiting, i received my packages from Viadress. My journey with this company now is luckily ended, i would like to thank the people from this blog for the support during the days i haven’t got any news from Viadress . The long period of time when i checked the mail every day for some update about where my stuff were…without any answer offcourse. The only funny side of history…i ordered some winter clothes to forward to my country, now is almost spring there… For sure i’ll never use Viadress again

  70. It seems that some people are finally getting their packages, good times for all. As to the rest of us, it seems their new trick is to update the shipping manager to say your shipment is “processing”. 3 weeks later nothing has changed, no shipment, no response to emails, nada, zilch.
    I’m now 4 months into this process. I wonder if I get a prize when I get to be the longest suffering customer???

  71. @Ann I have every week sent an e-mail and stated that the current status has not changed. CC to Mr. Ray Caples.

  72. Hi folks, I want to give my next Info to you.
    Shipping with the right things arrieved. Everything is o.K.
    Only the fuc… tay in germany ;-(
    Only problem is the billable weight.
    It was to many (20 lbs) and with the Fedex it was only 7 lbs!!
    SO I payed to much!

    Now I wait for the answer form VIAddress.

    Wish you all the best that everything arrieves.

    Peter from germany

  73. No answer from Mr. Caples.. No answer from Viaddress.. I can’t see anything on my shipping manager..

    Now, i’m really really really woried about it.

  74. Helio – sadly you have every right to be worried. Things don’t seem to be getting any better at Viaddress. Their new trick, if anything is in your shipping manager that you have paid shipping for, is to change the status to processing. Then nothing happens for weeks on end and then they put everything back into your shipping manager and send you an email asking you to pay for shipping AGAIN!!!! So you spend another few weeks trying to sort it out. They then change the status to processing and round in circles we go again. 5 months and counting for me….. In 2012 I’m booked to fly to the States and I fully expect to go to Indianna and chase these people for my stuff.

  75. “go to Indianna and chase these people for my stuff.”

    I think about it every day.

    I’m so tired.

    Well, we are on the same boat.. fight conti’


  76. Well, after wait for 6 workdays and 3 letters I just found this blog. It’s sad see that companies such as Viaddress still working! As I could see, I have to wait more 2 weeks to see my shop to finaly ship to Brazil.That’s a shame.
    Best regards

    Anselmo, Brazil, looking for my saxaphone shipped by USPS to my USA address (viaddress) since 03/12/2011… with no aditional information….

  77. Judging from the negative comments, i guess my package won’t be arriving anytime soon. I am shipping items to Singapore by the way. Express shipping paid more than a week ago, items status still ‘PROCESSING’. It’s not a long wait compared to many but my items are supposed to be birthday gifts! Belated birthday gifts that is. Embarrassing.

  78. Miracles do happen……
    I’ve been waiting since Nov to receive my packages and today they turned up!!!!!
    Oh great joy. I am now free of my Viaddress nightmare. Thank you Viaddress and if I ever want another stomach ulcer I’ll be sure to send a package or two your way.

    And my deepest sympathies go to all those out there still waiting for their items…..

  79. It’s a relief to know that many have gotten their packages albeit the extremely long wait.

    It’s has only been 10 days for me. Had already paid Viaddress for shipping when I read about all the negative feedback. No response on the helpdesk or multiple emails. Guess all I can do now is wait. Depressing.

  80. I paid my shipping fees on March 22th but my items still shows as they need to be shipped! I have my receipt but on the web site, it looks like a did not pay!

    I just found this website, and saw all your comments, I’m really not happy with not having done more research before choosing them.

  81. * 1 month wait
    * Sent email yesterday threatening action with Elkhart Police
    * Items shipped the next day


    I wanted to say a big thank you for the advice in this post / comment thread and to let everyone know what I did in case it helps.

    1. I sent a POLITE request via their helpdesk to find out the status of my shipment (since I’d paid the shipping fee and the status was PROCESSING)

    2. (1 week later) I sent another more stern update saying that I needed to know whether they have my items since I was about to dispute the credit card transactions with the bank. (FIRST REPLY FROM VIADDRESS a few days later requesting tracking numbers)

    3. I gave them all the Amazon supplied tracking numbers and which items they related to in my shipping manager.

    4. (1 week later again) REPLY from Viaddress thanking me for the tracking numbers

    5. (1 week later) Another update from me informing them that since it’s been a month and unless I heard about the status by the end of next week I would be reversing my shipping charge until the matter was dealt with and if I didn’t hear back from them I would be taking this to the Elkhart Sherrifs Department

    6. Shipping notice from FedEx the next day

    Now I just have to wait and see if all my items are on board

  82. hi all, I received my items today after one month of waiting plus tons of emails. For those who are still in the loop, continue with your emails and calls. Hope that you guys get your items soon!

  83. Hello everyone,

    Olivia? can you maybe tell me when your package arrived at viaddress, when it shipped etc, the timeline. I am waiting for a package from them to ship after they acknowledge receiving my payment through paypal (via the helpdesk).


  84. Hi All, I too have good news, we finally received our items almost 3 months later! The good news is that they actually started working through their helpdesk calls and were pretty timely in handling new entries once they were responding through it!

    I must also commend Ray Caples from the local Sheriffs office who I understand has been a great liaison for unhappy users of the service.

    Perseverance and patience have been the key words in dealing with the VIAddress crew.

  85. someone could help me to calculate how much will cost to ship a 16lb (round up to 18 if want) to brazil by priority mail international?

    see ya!

  86. I do a lot of traveling and I’ve been using Viaddress for almost 2 years now, and despite a delay that I experienced once during the Christmas season, all the other 20 times that I’ve used Viaddress were fine with no delay or what so ever…

    FYI, it’s wrong to judge Viaddress based on their BBB rating, the Better Business Bureau gives an F rating by default to any business if they refuse to pay the BBB membership.

    They gave an “F” rating to Disneyworld and to Ritz Carlton Hotels while they gave “A” rating to Hamas terror group and to a White racist group:

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