Experience with 2 Sauder 5-Shelf Bookcases

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[quote]Cheap and easy to assemble, although overall sturdiness suffers.[/quote] photo of 'Sauder Beginnings 5-Shelf Bookcase'

Rated 4/5. I purchased two of these bookshelves at Canadian Tire for the sale price of $39.99 each. The price was unbeatable, considering similar models at other nearby stores were easily passing $100. The shelves assemble in two pieces, an upper and lower, that connect with a loosely fitting metal pin and a cam dowel. Because of this the shelves can handle a lot of downward force, but, very little upward or sideways force. The manual was easy to read and follow; and wasn’t marred with “engrish” phrases. The overall setup was simple, needing only a screwdriver and a hammer to complete the assembly. Aside from this flaw, the shelves look great, and have made an excellent addition to my office space. Unless you’re planning on moving them often the build quality will be more than adequate in most cases; and, you definitely can’t beat the price.

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Review by Robin Monks

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