750 words, 100 push-ups in 10 hours, 8 billable hours + morning devotions

In my never-ending and ever-expanding pursuit of happiness though scheduling, I have a new idea I’m going to try out over the coming weeks. I won’t be letting all of my previous failures at doing this get me down, either. Much like an over-weight dieter I shall once against endeavor will all my might not to fail this time — and I think I have a few things in my favor.

First of all, my new daily goals — which I intend to apply to every weekday, are easily attainable and are things I do most days anyways. I’m just going to try and get the self-discipline to turn things I do every two or three days into something I’ll start doing daily.

First off, I’m going to start doing my morning devotionals again, it’s something I tend to “sacrifice” rather easily when days get busy, and I really shouldn’t. I tend to curl up with my Bible over breakfast — so when I miss out on one I miss out on the other took, causing both my mind and my metabolism to start the day off at a snail’s pace.

Second thing is I want to work my way up to doing 100 push-ups a day, which would be 10 push-ups every hour. This would be excellent exercise and serve the second bonus of getting be away from the PC on the regular basis basis throughout the day. Win-win.

I’m a consultant, and a horrible one because I often loose a lot of time I could bill due to how much I LOATHE the current methods clients tend to give me to keep hours. I’ve seen the gambit from quickbooks to klock to custom-build solutions to liquid planner and one thing is shared with all of them: they are all HORRIBLE, especially for developers. Why? Because we tend to work at varying paces and may work on multiple issues simultaneously. Worse, the entire day is run “behind” so as soon as one task is nearing completion I have to move elsewhere, meaning I don’t end up entering hours until the very end of the day when I’m mentally drained and can’t remember half of what I did.

I’ve tried screen-capture software before to help with billing — but, I don’t usually have the time necessary to go though the recordings. To compensate, starting this week I’m going to be using a self-written tool that divides my 8 hour day into 32, 15-minute slices — I’ll be able to assign a client and project to each slice as I go and it’ll keep a nice visual record for me as things progress. At the end of each day I can then see my condensed hours by client and project that I can put into their billing systems. Hopefully this will be what it takes to get true 8 hour consulting days and restore sanity.

Lastly, I want to start writing 750 words each day again, and I’m going to copy-paste all my daily blog entries into it as a starting point as well to encourage myself to write more public-facing material again. 750 hidden words does not good SEO make, after all.

I’ll try to keep somewhat track of my progress, and maybe release my 8hr tool as a Drupal/Atrium module in the future.

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