Why does Netflix Canada’s selection suck?

My response to a recent person on the Apple community forums:

There are no limitations in the 30 day trial. As to choice, here’s the deal:

In the US, most large media companies are trying to pressure Canada to change our laws to make things like backing up a DVD or ripping a CD illegal (same crap they’re trying to pull in the US year after year). Except, in Canada they are playing a bit of stupid hardball by charging a premium for their physical media in the name of preventing pirating (the higher the price, the more likely people are to pirate it — so a major fail in their logic). As part of the image companies like the MPAA try to paint Canada in with their constant pressure they’ve tried to convince major studios and even the US government that Canada is a piracy haven (it definitely isn’t… in fact most stats show the average Canadian will consume and pay for more entertainment than the average American).

The result of all this? Netflix has a heck of a time trying to secure distribution agreements to the eye-patch wearing, buck-toothed Canada that the MPAA would have people envision. Now, there is some good news in that some studios are starting to realize 99% of lobbyists (and the MPAA are big lobbyists) are really, really stupid. That’s why Netflix is able to keep adding new stuff to their options (like Iron Man 2, for instance).

The available choices will continue to get better in time, and Netflix has the pull and funds to keep the process going. Remember, they used to have these same problems in the US when they launched.

So, in the end if you’re finding yourself able to watch 3 or 4 movies a month, you’re still saving over PPV or local rentals — stick with it and things will get better over time. Not to mention a larger user base will help Netflix turn the market ;o)


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