Get Applications To Snap To Screen Edges on Mac OSX (like Windows 7)


Windows has a few really cool tricks for managing applications that get almost no attention, but once you discover them can dramatically improve your workflow. You can drag the title bar of any resizable application window to the left or right side of your screen to have it resize to exactly fill that half of your display. It’s excellent for file management, writing documents, or keeping multiple applications in the same viewing area in general.

Sadly, if you happen to also use Mac OSX, you are going to be met with some frustration if you try to do this same trick. Thankfully, your Mac can be taught those tricks thanks to a small and cheap (sadly not free, but hey, this is Mac we are talking about) application called Cinch

Once Cinch is installed dragging application to the left or right edges of your screen will cause your apps to resize just like on Windows. Dragging an application to the top of the screen will maximize it just like Windows, too. Just one more thing to make living with a Mac easier.

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  • Todd
    Posted July 2, 2014 at 3:18 pm 0Likes

    SizeUp will do this too.

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