Buying Coffee Online in Canada: Quick Update

Since writing my last post on option for buying coffee online in Canada several more coffee roasters have come to my attention. So here are two more sources for glorious caffeine that you should try the next time you want your cup of joe to be a bit more special.

A Subscription Offering: Coast to Coast Coffee

Coast to Coast Coffee is perhaps one of the lower priced options when it comes to coffee subscriptions at $15.95/mth (shipping included) for 400g (14oz, just about). The lower price doesn’t equal lower quality though, they were kind enough to send me a sample of their “Superior Dark” blend. It arrived simply packaged in a paper bag inside a sturdy cardboard box. The beans smelled wonderful, and the flavor of the fresh ground beans was excellent. If you’re looking for coffee subscription, this is where you should go first. Coast to Coast coffee, as far as I could tell, only delivers in Canada.

Coffee on Demand: Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill offers several blends of coffee that span a range of tastes. Each blend is smartly labeled with the flavor palate of the blend (personally, I don’t like the “flavor palate” trend that feels carried over from wine tasting by places like Starbucks. Your “cocoa with a hint of berry” tastes exactly like swampy dirt with a bit of oak bark, Starbucks, you’re not fooling me.) Nevertheless, the designs are sharp and you’ll need to do some experimentation. The prices are also decent, running about $13 for 12oz, but shipping is only free after you spend $50.

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  • Mark Hartley
    Posted January 31, 2015 at 8:27 pm 0Likes

    I tried Coast to Coast Coffee recently. Great fresh roasted organic coffee delivered to my door. How great is that!

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