Want to buy your Halloween candy online? (USA)

It’s getting closer to the yearly celebration of small, inexpensive sugary treats given to absolute strangers. If you’ve put off buying candy and don’t want to go to the local department store to trudge through the now mostly-empty shelves you still have time to order your candy online. Both Amazon and Walmart are selling their candies online at prices on par or better than what you could get in-store. But, you’ll need to move quick, shipping only moves so fast!

Product Amazon Walmart
Hershey’s Assorted (chocolates only)  9.1¢/piece
210 for $19.18
245 for $19.88
Hershey’s Assorted  8.0¢/piece
160 for $12.75
350 for $19.88
Mars Assorted  7.1¢/piece
250 for $17.64
178 for $14.02


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