Robin’s Collection of Things #2: Cold War Tech, Decision Making Tools, Open Source CRM

Welcome back to the second time I’m doing this (you should subscribe)! Here’s the cool stuff I encountered last week, starting with some shameless self-promotion! As you might know, I like weird tech, and one amazing source of that is Cold War-era technology. I started a new site called, along with social accounts on TikTokInstagram, and Twitter. In doing so, I realized just how fragile history is online and wrote a blog post about that as well. The photo below is an excellent example of such a fragile resource, a historical collection of DEW Line photos stored only on a Shutterfly album (and my NAS).

Other things crossing my browser tabs this week that you might find exciting:

  • SuiteCRM, an open source CRM tool that’s been getting nicer, because Salesforce and Hubspot suck.
  • Flectra is also an all-in-one business ERP and CRM as an alternative.
  • Untools, tools for better thinking and cool decision-making frameworks.
  • A daily backup jetpack subscription is usually $140 CAD a year, but if you signup with this link and use the coupon code STARTWITH50 you can get it for $24.99 the first year and $49 each year thereafter. I don’t get any sort of benefit from this, just wanted to share! Code expires Feb 28.

Lastly, here’s two things in my Pocket reading list right now:

Miro’s Product Alignment Approach

When I first joined Miro, less than a year ago, we had 3 million users and around 300 employees. A lot has changed since then. We have since grown Miro to around 12 million users and 600 employees, making Miro one of the fastest-growing B2B startups in history.  •  Share

Square Defangs Difficult Decisions with this System — Here’s How

A decade ago, Gokul Rajaram fundamentally changed the way he makes decisions. Then a product management director for Google AdSense, he was presenting to Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt. A gnarly challenge related to Google’s display ads business surfaced, and the discussion got heated.  •  Share

See you next week!

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