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Version 1.6 of Add Another Module for Drupal Released

Add another module has been recently updated with another new time-saving feature; you can now display “Add another” tabs on certain node types.  I’m also taking the time to think of what else can be done to make the usual node creation workflow easier for end users. I’ll be looking for suggestions on how to improve the UI and workflow of node submissions and…

Microsoft’s Browser Selection + User Ignorance Lets Google’s Chrome “cheat”?

Michael B. from the Mozilla Marketing list recently posted an hypothesis on why Google Chrome may suddenly start taking a much larger chunk out of the browser market now that Microsoft’s browser selection screens are appearing in the EU. “I’ve a hypothesis to explain Chrome’s recent and sudden surge of usage share the last couple months. Let me first say that almost every time I ever ask what web browser someone uses, the answer I get is Google….”

WordPress Upgrade: I could cry

[This whole post is written tounge-in-cheek.  Please don’t flame/bash/perl or python the author.] I just did an upgrade from WordPress 2.7 to 2.7.1, and it was completely done in under 5 seconds. Didn’t need to connect to SSH, didn’t need to connect to FTP. I click two buttons and my blog was running the latest and greatest WordPress. Why are they allowed…