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ENIGMA: Lackluster?

GMNews touted the first release of ENIGMA (the open source project designed to convert Game Maker source files into C++, that is then compiled) earlier this week. I, being drawn to open source software as I am, headed straight for the download page.

Church Lighting [Article 1 of 3]

Hi all! For some time I’ve been wanting to write a short series on setting up a Church lighting system. Having recently been a part of organizing and setting up a lighting system in my home Church, I thought now would be an ideal opportunity to share some tips and ideas from our experiences. I’ll be writing this from the perspective of…

Flock is gone…long live flock?

I think Christ Messina finally did one interview too many…yup…he’s lost his marbles. (sub-link) Of course, this was predicted months ago when he became the official “hand waver” at CivicSpace 😛 Technorati Tags: Flock, ChrisMessina, Messina, off-the-deep-end Note: The typo in Chris’ name was completely unintentional…mabey the craziness is catching?

Firefox 1.5!

Lots, and lots and lots and lots of news about the new Firefox 1.5, but they all boil down to one thing…. GET IT!!! But wait! Don’t go to quite yet! The older Firefox’s can update themselves remember 😉 . Just go into Tools -> Options… and look under the updates stuff. You’ll find a button to check for new updates…

Not making left turns saves money?

OK, I’m intrigued. I just read this, UPS: Driving cost savings by eliminating left-hand turns: The package flow optimization includes constant wireless communications via the DIADs, smart labels (including RFID in the future) and preloading vehicles and directing drivers according to advanced analytics that calculate the most efficient routes, including avoiding left-hand turns, based on the package load. Now the question is,…