The Trust Fence and Awkward Filter

As a user of a product or service you want to maintain a certain kind of status quo for what you expect the product usage to be like and what sort of interaction you’re going to have with it. This status quo is a sort of “goldilocks”-zone where you want to keep your users secure and trusting of your product. But what happens when you let your users make the content that other users can see?

Installing Drush on a Shared DreamHost Account

[box type=”note”]If you have issues with these directions, please read the alternate directions for installing on a shared host manually without using Pear. MediaTemple is one provider where you must use the alternate directions to get Drush working.[/box] One of the easiest and most convenient ways to get your hands on Drupal is on a shared hosting environment. It’s pretty much where everyone is going to start from…

AiL: Audio in Layers Proposal

This is something that’s been bothering me off and on for a while, and, in the interests of regaining my ability to sleep at night without my mind focusing on this, I’ve decided to describe it in the form of a format guide – and maybe someone else will be interested in partnering up to make it a reality. Existing audio formats,…

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