Is InformationWeek right? Are most all Drupal sites insecure?

Image by sophiea via Flickr Personally, I think it’s just spreading FUD; but Information Week is reporting that “Just over a week ago, security researcher Mike Perry presented information at the DEFCON security conference about a vulnerability that affects many SSL-secured Web sites, including Amazon, Facebook, Gmail,, most Drupal sites, and many online merchants and banks. ” I have no idea…

Watching Drupal – August 21, 2008

Image by raster via Flickr It’s one of those weird things that you really can’t keep up with, leave your desk for a minute and there’s been developments on groups, developments on IRC, developments in the issue tracker, new posts in planet.¬† It’s almost to the point that watching what’s happening with Drupal would be a full time job ūüôā¬† And, in…

ENIGMA: Lackluster?

GMNews touted the first release of ENIGMA (the open source project designed to convert Game Maker source files into C++, that is then compiled) earlier this week. I, being drawn to open source software as I am, headed straight for the download page.