My Podcast Listening for Summer 2021

Sunset over a river

It’s July, and you’ve still got a few months of Summer left, and you’re working on checking off those checkboxes. First watermelon? Check! Off bug spay? Of course. Enjoying sitting on your truck or hatch back tailgate at the beach with just enough of a breeze to make the heat bearable? You betcha. I always find the longer days of Summer lend…

Robin’s Collection of Things #2: Cold War Tech, Decision Making Tools, Open Source CRM

Cars crossing on a ferry departing Shelter Bay, BC

Welcome back to the second time I’m doing this (you should subscribe)! Here’s the cool stuff I encountered last week, starting with some shameless self-promotion! As you might know, I like weird tech, and one amazing source of that is Cold War-era technology. I started a new site called, along with social accounts on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. In doing so, I realized just how…

Launching a newsletter! (Issue #1)

The moon rises behind an LTE tower.

Why? Because I can, and you should subscribe. I’ll share some technical tricks and cool things I’ve discovered from across my online travels every Sunday. Someone on TikTok showed off how to make an automatic license plate reader for the highway beside his house and shows off how to do it in 60 seconds. Stoic is trying to become the Betterment or…

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