Newly Updated Eufloria Just $4.99

OK, so, first of all you need to realize that I LOVE Eufloria. It’s pretty much my all-time, no-holes-barred, favorite casual game, ever. It’s simple to learn to play, the music and effects are relaxing and the problem solving skills needed to solve the levels are just complex enough to be interesting, but not make you tired of playing. If you don’t…

Microsoft’s Browser Selection + User Ignorance Lets Google’s Chrome “cheat”?

Michael B. from the Mozilla Marketing list recently posted an hypothesis on why Google Chrome may suddenly start taking a much larger chunk out of the browser market now that Microsoft’s browser selection screens are appearing in the EU. “I’ve a hypothesis to explain Chrome’s recent and sudden surge of usage share the last couple months. Let me first say that almost every time I ever ask what web browser someone uses, the answer I get is Google….”

Not making left turns saves money?

OK, I’m intrigued. I just read this: The package flow optimization includes constant wireless communications via the DIADs, smart labels (including RFID in the future) and preloading vehicles and directing drivers according to advanced analytics that calculate the most efficient routes, including avoiding left-hand turns, based on the package load. UPS: Driving cost savings by eliminating left-hand turns Now the question is,…