New Browser-Based MMORPG, Glitch, Finishes Largest Alpha Test Yet

New Browser-Based MMORPG, Glitch, Finishes Largest Alpha Test Yet

Update: With much sadness, Glitch was shut down. Most of the resources from the game are now available under an open source license.

You may not have heard of it yet, but Glitch is beginning to turn into an interesting platform-based MMORPG with enough content to pull people away from Runescape and enough cute to drag the middle-aged folk away from farmville.

Glitch is based around the story of an imagined world and you, as the player, have also been “thought up” by the creators of this world. Throughout your journey you are guided by a “mentor”, a magical talking rock that appears at the top of your game screen. This rock guides you through the world, gives you things to do, rewards you for tasks and learns skills for you while you do other things.

Glitch is a non-violent game, and sometimes too cute for its own good. For instance, you can gain meat in your inventory by “nibbling” a pig, which doesn’t harm the pig and is said to be enjoyable to them. The music and sound effects can also become draining from time to time due to their overly glossy and repetitive style.

Nevertheless, the game is still in active development and still in alpha, so it’s too early to give a final verdict on how it will turn out. That said, it’s definitely worth a peek now. If you want to get on the early access list be sure to enter your email address over here and the usual game-play video is below for your viewing pleasure.