While They’re At It: Other Brands Google Should Kill

So, the recent news that Google is doing away with Picasa (or at least Picasa Web) and Blogger and replacing them with more deeply integrated services called Google Photos and Google Blogs has swept across the internet in a flurry of commentary. (Oh, before I forget… what happened to the Photovine trademark Google got recently?) It’s seems Google is wanting to more deeply integrate it’s services into…

Microsoft’s Browser Selection + User Ignorance Lets Google’s Chrome “cheat”?

Michael B. from the Mozilla Marketing list recently posted an hypothesis on why Google Chrome may suddenly start taking a much larger chunk out of the browser market now that Microsoft’s browser selection screens are appearing in the EU. “I’ve a hypothesis to explain Chrome’s recent and sudden surge of usage share the last couple months. Let me first say that almost every time I ever ask what web browser someone uses, the answer I get is Google….”

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