The Viaddress Interview

Looking for context?

If you’d like to read the previous two posts about VIAddress to gain a fuller context, you can read my first post about VIAddress being under Postal Quarantine and follow-up post about their ignoring of customers, and then return here.

Viaddress logo (TM Viaddress)

It’s been a long while since publishing the last posts I made about the discount package forwarding service VIAddress.  At the time I became involved after getting caught in a massive backlog and found myself joined there with many other customers, and looking for answers which were scarce and hard to separate from the hype and fiction of other forwarding services that seemed equally interested in pitching their own product (I filtered dozens of obviously fake comments from the original two posts).

Eventually though, the backlog was handled, the comments and emails from concerned customers stopped coming — and VIAddress refunded my shipping fees from the test I ran way back when this whole thing started. They also asked me to take down my earlier posts, but, I made a counter-offer: Lots of folks still come to this site searching for VIAddress and I thought the fairest thing I could do for those curious about the company would be to give VIAddress a chance to tell their story and conduct an email interview.  They agreed and below is the full interview with David Wallace, Vice-President of VIAddress.

Our time: 7:53am UTC