Why do I use WordPress for my personal blog?

Why do I use WordPress for my personal blog?

It’s something I’m asked every now and then. “If I’m just making a blog site, should I just use WordPress, or should I still use Drupal?” To be fair, it all comes down in the end to a matter of personal taste. But, there are still some factual points on either side of the Drupal Blog vs. WordPress Blog argument.

Firstly, some reasons to use Drupal for your blog:

  • You can easily add more advanced features and modules.
  • It’s (debatably) easier to theme

On the WordPress side:

  • It’s just trying to be blogging software, so the interface is more natural for a blog.
  • Near 0-config, you don’t need to enable, disable, configure and tweak modules to make it a blog; it is out of the box.
  • Instantly update plugins.  You can click and link and have a module update to the latest version.  With WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin, you can have wordpress backed up and upgraded automatically as well.
  • Smaller learning curve.  It’s just easier to have someone with little or no web app experience to use WordPress than Drupal.

For me, the pros of WordPress outweigh any cons; in the end it comes down to being easier to upgrade when a new release comes out.  But, if Drupal had one-click upgrade as well, I’d be using that instead in a shot.